Saturday, 24 August 2013

Rare albino hedgehogs named after Prince George

Three rare albino hedgehogs in Russia have been named after Prince George of Cambridge.

Parent hedgehogs Maria and Gosha, eat with their albino babies in a zoo in Moscow, Russia.
The triplets have been given the names George, Alexander and Louis as they were born on the same day as the future UK king.
The exhibition centre where they live in Moscow has even made them their own royal residence to live in!
The miniature castle is made of wood and has dark velvet curtains and a luxurious bed.
On Thursday, the tiny triplets were introduced to their new home at the All-Russia Exhibition Center.
The wooden castle is painted purple, with curtained windows and a plush bed inside.
A red carpet was rolled out to welcome the babies and their parents, the Associated Press reported.
The zoo is hoping that Prince George himself will visit the hedgehogs one day, spokeswoman Yevgeniya Polonskaya told AP.
An albino African hedgehog gave birth to the babies, Polonskaya told Russia's RIA-Novosti news agency in July.
"Albino hedgehogs don’t usually breed in captivity," she was quoted as saying. "If people keep a standard hedgehog at home, it might give birth, but to no more than two babies. But we saw the arrival of triplets on July 23."

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