Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Rare baby giraffe takes first steps

Pictures of the day: Newborn giraffe Kidepo steps out for first time at @chesterzoo (PA) http://t.co/EHxHoW4Iyb
A rare breed of baby giraffe has taken its first steps into the outside world. Rotschild giraffes are really rare and must be preserved at any cost!

 Chester Zoo's newest baby giraffe Kidepo steps out for the first time with his mother Orla as the zoo shows off the three calfs born at the zoo within eight months at Chester Zoo in Chester, north west England.
Kidepo was born at Chester Zoo and strode into the sunshine with mum Orla and dad Meru.
He's the most recent addition of rare Rothschilds' giraffes at the zoo, following on from the births of Zahra in December 2014 and Sanyu in June.
Their arrivals have given an important boost to the special breeding programme for the species, which is classed as endangered.
Sarah Roffe, team manager of the giraffes, said: "It'll take Kidepo a little bit of time to get used to his long legs but he already seems confident and full of personality and he's doing very well so far. We're really pleased with how he has taken to the rest of the herd and with how the herd has quickly taken to having him around." (CBBC newsround)

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